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Acupuncture TherapyRick Jahn Acupuncturist

Rick Jahn M.T.O.M, Dipl O.M.,DOM (FL) LAc (AK)

Functional Nutrition Therapist

Dr. Rick Jahn is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in Florida, and recognized as a Licensed Acupuncturist and clinical nutritionist in the state of Alaska. Oriental medicine, commonly referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, is a complete health care system dating back over 5000 years. TCM includes acupuncture, herbology, diet food therapy, life style counseling, and exercise therapy. Although TCM is very good at treating symptoms and dysfunction, its also excellent at helping restore balance and regaining health. In clinical nutrition we use either a symptom based analysis or lab tests to determine how to best support the body. Clinical nutrition is different than a dietician. We don’t prepare meal plans, but we make suggestions on how to adjust your meals, and lifestyle as well as suggesting nutritional supplementation to support various body systems to reestablish balance and health.

Dr Jahn completed his masters degree in TCM from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine, recognized as one of the top TCM schools in the US. He has worked in wellness resorts, clinics and hospitals in Beijing, Cheng Du (China), New Zealand, Thailand, New York, and Florida, in addition to being a guest speaker and D.O.M. on luxury cruise lines around the world such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess and Celebrity. Dr. Jahn is sought after for his health and wellness lectures. To date he has spoke to thousands of people looking to live healthier lives in over 12 countries. If you are interested in having Dr. Jahn lecture to your group contact us health topics, availability and fee schedule

Over the years, a problem commonly seen in clinic was patients failed to reach their optimal health and heal properly regardless of the quality of care given, when they had nutritional deficiencies. This can be seen in all clinics, from traditional western medical clinics, to chiropractic clinics to TCM clinics. This has caused us to change focus in order to help more people achieve better health. Optimal Wellness Center focuses on clinical nutrition first. We believe in a holistic approach and work to help support your body regain balance and heal.

We use Symptom based analysis, lab testing or Nutrition Response Testing to determine your underlying nutritional needs. We do not treat disease, we treat the person. Using Chinese medicine theory, whole food nutrition, and Nutrition Response Testing we create a treatment plan that is suited to your own unique needs.

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